Approved Trees/Plants for Sonoma Verde

Approved replacement tree list: 
Large Trees Ornamental Flowering Trees Small Trees
*Afghan Pine Aristocrat Pear *Ashe Juniper
Bald Cypress Crepe Myrtle Carolina Buckthorn
Big Tooth Maple Flowering Crabapple *Desert Willow
*Black Hickory
Japanese Maple *Eastern Redbud
Black Walnut *Mexican Plum
*Forest Pansy Redbud
*Bur Oak *Mountain Laurel Golden Raintree
Caddo Maple
Purple Plum Japanese Black Pine
*Cedar Elm *Smoke Tree Little Gem Magnolia
*Chinese Pistachio
*Yaupon Holly
*Oklahoma Redbud
*Chinquapin Oak   *Possumhaw
Deodor Cedar   *Texas Persimmon
*Honey Locust (Thornless)   *Yaupon Holly
*Lacebark Elm    
*Plateau Live Oak    
*Shumard Red Oak    
*Southern Live Oak    
Southern Magnolia    
*Texas Ash    
*Texas Red Oak    
*Western Soapberry
White Ash    
Notes: *Plants preferred due to their lower water demand and high pest resistance.