Modification Requests

Residents can make changes to their homes; however, The Association documents require approval for any exterior modification. The application must be submitted and approved before the start of work, be complete in its entirety, and include the required supporting documents such as drawings, pictures, and/or a site plan with listed dimensions (if necessary.) An application fee of $50.00, payable to the Sonoma Verde Homeowner's Association, is also required. The homeowner must sign the form. 
You can submit your request to the management team online using the below-mentioned fillable form. Once a completed application is received, the Board has 20 days to review and respond. The homeowner will receive the decision in writing by email. 
You may download a printable copy here if preferred. 
Examples of changes that need approval: 
Exterior Lighting
Satellite Dish Installation
Storage Shed
Covered Patio
Landscape Changes (Seasonal planting of flowers and replacement of dead trees/shrubs does not require approval.)